1. These are RECOMMENDED MINIMUM RATES for our members. They should not be undercut , except for reasonable exceptions, which include: non-profit projects, student films, debut features or friendly turns. These rates are only justifiable if the requirements/ qualifications of the job profiles, as defined by the ADU, are met.
  2. The configuration of these minimum rates is based on the UK system. This means that the rate demanded is determined by THE TYPE OF PROJECT and the BUDGET and not exclusively according to professional experience. After all, the job profile is closely related to the scope and format of the project and the budget.
  3. The ADU works deliberately with partial fixed rates, which are exempt from surcharges with this framework. The aim of these partial fixed rates is to optimise the relationship between working hours and rates. Primarily, it would be desirable to lower the working hours in the long term, but, as an alternative, at least to compensate members fairly for the extremely high workload – as it is already the case in most other departments.
  4. We believe that the mimimum rates we have calculated are fair to all parties. Fair for our members, to ensure that their work is remunerated appropriately, without having to reinvent the whole framework of rates.
    Fair for the production companies, as we relinquish the surcharges specified by the TV FFS for overtime, within our fair partial fixed rates. Overtime which exceeds these minimum rates will be charged with all surcharges according to TV FFS.
  5. Naturally every ADU member is at liberty to negotiate higher rates – according to their personal professional experience and /or a higher complexity level of a project (international, historical etc.)


With regards to serial projects the following budgets correspond to the respective TV / Feature Film budgets:
6 episodes of 45 min each are equivalent to 3 x 90 min
Less than € 7,5 Mill. Low Budget Feature, Mid Budget TV Movie
€ 7,5–12,5 Mill. Mid Budget Feature, High Budget TV Movie
€ 12,5–18 Mill. High Budget Feature, Super High Budget TV Movie
Rates for other running times / No. of episodes are derived from this formula.
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