2. RA

2nd AD under the Local | German System

The 2. RA is the 1. RA’s right hand. The main areas of responsibility are the extras and their management.

Please note: The biggest difference between the profile of 2nd AD and 2. RA is that the 2. RA is neither responsible for the call sheets, nor for the complete organisation in the background and does not serve as the principal point of contact for the cast and agencies.

Key tasks during prep are compiling the extras breakdown, the communication with the extras agency, as well as selecting extras and managing them according to the stipulations of the 1. RA.

  • Reading the script and compiling the extras breakdown in consultation with the 1. RA
  • Updating the extras breakdown in case of any changes to the shooting schedule
  • Research with regards to any historical or specialist subjects, including the compilation of mood boards.
  • Communication with the Extras agency (casting, appointments, fittings, requirements)
  • Search and selection of doubles, bit players and/or extras with special abilities in consultation with the 1. RA or Director
  • Conducting and supervising casting session for bit players / small parts
  • Scheduling and conducting fittings in consultation with the Production, Costume and Make-Up Departments and the Extras agency.
  • Supervision of actor rehearsals (stunts, special training etc.) as well as pre-production of any photo and/or video shoot.
  • Communication with external consultants on any specialist subjects
  • Planning of additional Crew (extras chaperone, children’s chaperone) if necessary

During the shoot, the focus is mainly on the extras: from ensuring the correct number of extras, via directing the extras to the settlement process after the wrap.

Principally and continuously

  • Updating the extras breakdown with any changes and communicating this information to all concerned departments
  • Organisation of further casting sessions and fittings
  • Overseeing Pre-Production and rehearsals


The day preceding the shooting day

  • Double-checking and communicating all factors that are relevant to the shoot and the corresponding logistics on location (make-up rooms, costume rooms, green rooms etc.) to the 1.Aufnahmeleitung and the Extras agency (No. of extras, time, requirements for a shuttle)


On the shooting day

  • Check that all the booked extras have arrived
  • If extras have already been“fitted” previously, ensure that they are taken through
    make-up and costume
  • Briefing the extras: explaining the scene(s) briefly and imparting the code of conduct on set
  • Coordinating the hand-out of props
  • Directing the extras according to the 1.RA’s brief or in collaboration with the 1.RA
  • Ensuring the continuity of all processes and movements captured on camera

Supervising the extras on set, which includes handing out the pay vouchers and ensuring that they are filled in correctly

  • Must be quick thinking and communicative, with great organisational skills
  • The ability to implement instruction
  • Team player
  • Resilience
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • A lively imagination and creativity
  • A love of directing
  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge about the responsibilities of the other departments and their processes


Job Profile 2. RA