Jour Fixe “Meet the ADs of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front'” on January 4th from 19:00 - 21:00

The ADU is happy and proud to announce our second episode of our new Jour Fixe series of “Meet the ADs of …” with the ADs of the Netflix film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.
We will have the pleasure to spend two hours with 1st AD 1st AD Benedict Hoermann (ADU), Key 2nd AD Filip Moravec, Crowd 2nd AD Valerie Adamer (ADU), und 3rd Base AD Viktorie Vavrova and they will share their experience of working on “All Quiet on the Western Front” with us! This is a great opportunity to get rare insights into their project, ask them questions, learn about their biggest challenges and profit from their experience.

This Zoom Call will be recorded so it can be watched by our members afterwards who can’t make the date. Still there need to be at least 6 people attending the Jour Fixe live, otherwise the Q&A and the recording of the Jour Fixe doesn’t produce any interesting results. Please watch the film in advance (the content will be spoilered in the Jour Fixe anyway). Everyone who is interested is invited no matter if the colleagues are ADU members. So please reserve your spot (by sending an email to, invite friends and colleagues and come up with some questions you want to get answered.


The ADU is very proud to present this unique workshop which is dedicated to one of the most crucial positions in the AD-team.

It is a combined online- and in-person seminar over two weekends which will immerse you deeply into the world of the Key 2nd AD and will allow you to explore all their duties, tasks & responsibilities thoroughly from early prep until wrap.

Apart from all the technical and practical things that you will learn, you will have the priceless opportunity to be trained by two internationally acclaimed and prestigious Key 2nd ADs and benefit from their decades of experience. The seminar will also include guests speakers (1st ADs, Production Coordinators, etc.) to provide a holistic picture of the work of a Key 2nd AD.

The Workshop will be split into 5 days, spanning over two weekends.

January 14th – 15th 2023

Language: English | Location: via Zoom

January 20th – 22nd 2023

Language: English | Location: in Berlin







International AD-System

On May 07th, we will host an online seminar to talk about the structure of the international AD-System.
Language: German | Location: via Zoom


Learn from professionals!

This workshop is designed for emerging film professionals and more experienced PA’s and 3rd AD’s.
You will learn the duties & responsibilities for these positions and the workflows used on international sets.
Learn how to best support your first, second & third AD.

On January 29th & 30th we’re offering a workshop with experienced, international working Assistant Directors.
Find out more info in the flyer below.
Until December 10th, registration is exclusively reserved for ADU Members. After that date, we will open the registration to non-members too.
Language: English | Location: Berlin




– Cancellation: STUNT-WORKSHOP –

Unfortunately the ADU had to cancel the workshop due to the rising covid cases in Germany. Even with 2G+ hygiene measures we don’t wan’t to put any participants, lecturers, stuntmen and women and organisers at risk of an infection. This is not conceivable for us in the current situation.

We will try to realise the workshop at a later point next year and communicate the new date as soon as possible.
At this point we wan’t to apologise to all participants for the short notice cancellation.


Consideration of different systems

On July 31, we will host an online sminar to compare the similarities & differences between the international AD-system
and the german “Regieassistenz System”.

Language: German    |    Location: via Zoom Link



“The workshop will focus on the requirements, duties and responsibilities of the 2ndAD.
Detailed and comprehensive presentation on how to become a successful 2ndAD,
reaching high performance standards.“

On March 7th and 8th we offer a workshop run by the international working 2nd AD Oana Ene.
The number of participants is limited

ADU MEMBERS is exclusively reserved from January, 15th to February, 12th 2020.

NON-MEMBERS from February, 13th to March, 5th 2020.

Language: English    |    Locationt: Berlin