The Assistant Directors Union (ADU) represents the professional and economical interests of all Assistant Directors working under the anglo-american system (hereafter called ADs) and the german system (hereafter called RAs).

The main objective of the ADU is to create a uniform working system, to eliminate the mixed system and to promote and establish the Anglo-American AD system in Germany. The aim is to shape the profession of AD in Germany in a manner that transcends borders and is appealing. The film industry is becoming more globalised and this has resulted in a growing number of transnational and multinationals shoots in the past decade. As the AD system is prevalent outside of Germany, the unaccustomed Germany system frequently causes conflicts and misunderstandings.

The ADU has defined the respective job profiles in the German and Anglo-American system in a comprehensible and contemporary manner with the aim of generating a clear assignment of the systems and job profiles and to clarify the associated tasks and responsibilities.

The objective is to enable Assistant Directors working under the German system (RAs) access to mentoring programmes, workshops and the mutual exchange of experiences, thus elevating them to the level of ADs working internationally and giving them a chance to be employed internationally.

Moreover the ADU has an internal forum for the exchange of expertise and experiences, for offering projects, jobs and mentoring programmes, for discussing fair minimum rates and for discussing and planning future ADU projects.

ADU members consider themselves to be responsible partners in the collaboration with Directors, Producers, Line Producers and Production Managers.

The ADU is happy to exchanges ideas with all interested parties, develops concepts together with production companies, Line Producers, Production Managers and Unit Managers and passes job offers on to our members.