1. Liability to contribution

The members of ADU e.V. commit themselves to paying a membership fee to the union for the execution of the statutory tasks. Payment is generally in biannual installments, which have to clear in the union’s bank account by January 1st and July 1st or be paid via standing order (SEPA – direct debit mandate). The first fee is dependent on the number of months to the following biannual payment date and the level of contribution according to the job title. Every other form of fee payment has to be agreed with the union and confirmed in writing by the ADU.


2. Level of contribution

   Junior-Member  Full-Member
Category I: 1st AD | 1. RA | Key 2nd AD 20€ / Month 25€ / Month 30€ / Month
Category II: 2nd AD Crowd | 2. RA | 3rd AD
12,50€ / Month 15€ / Month 17,50€ / Month
Category III: AD-PA
5€ / Month
7,50€ / Month 10€ / Month


The membership contributions are tax deductible.

Every other form of payment for the membership fee (e.g. monthly membership fees, PayPal transfer etc.) has to be discussed and agreed with the union in advance. In appropriate cases and upon written request, it might be possible to partially waive or defer the membership fee of individual members.

Honorary members and associate members may pay a membership fee at their discretion.

The job titles listed by the members publicly, in the forum and on the ADU homepage, oblige the members to pay the highest contribution respectively, even if they had a different job title upon acceptance into the ADU.

3. Deferral of Membership Fee

Upon written request of individual members, the board may waive or defer the membership fees in appropriate cases for a maximum of 12 months either partially or wholly. After expiry of this term, it has to be decided anew. The member is required to state their exceptional circumstances at the time of requesting the waiver or deferral.

4. Consequences in the Event of Non-Payment                                                                                                                       

Any dues resulting from returned direct debits must be borne by the member. In case of late payments, default charges apply. The board has the authority to expel members from the union, if a payment is not effected despite a written overdue notice and if the overdue notice indicated that expulsion is imminent.