As a member of the ADU you have access to a countrywide network of ADs working under the Anglo-American and German systems. You will be able to exchange ideas and experiences and compare notes on any topic concerning our department, our work and our working conditions, follow the online forum threads, post, become active, browse our employment site and much more. Furthermore we will counsel you with regards to salary negotiations and provide advice and support.

We regularly organise meetings for our members, in order to foster direct and personal communication. These meetings alternate between Berlin and Munich. We aim to ensure a better quality of work within our professional category and to unify the system in the long run.In dialogue with the persons in authority we want to improve working conditions and enforce fair wages and rates.

In order to keep our members abreast of the latest developments and state of knowledge and to promote their professional advancement, various training opportunities and further education offers are available and we want to expand and develop these further. In addition you will support the professionalization of our occupation.

At the moment the ADU does not offer legal advice for its members. However, we can put you in touch with experienced lawyers, specialising in legal issues faced by filmmakers.