Yes. Until recently we were simply an interest group without clear rules and structures. As we are now an official organisation, we require a filled-in membership application. In addition, you must accept the statute of the union and the conditions of admission.

This reference system is well known internationally. Only in Germany it is barely established and therefore uncommon. In foreign parts each CV lists at least three referees – usually with Email address and phone number.

The ADA, the British equivalent of the ADU, demands the following for instance:
“Applicants must provide two references from ADA members… If you have difficulty providing these references, please inform us so a committee member can contact you.”

If we wish to boost our profession outwardly, we need clear criteria of admission. We are unable to admit colleagues, who might have added certain job titles to their CV, but are unable to fulfil the job requirements.

The only way to convince production companies and producers of our worth and the added value of the AD system is via members that are acknowledged and qualified professionals. And we require a stable network in order to publicly represent our members confidently and competently.

That depends on your position.

1st AD | 1. RA  • direct superiors – Production Managers, Line Producers, Producers, Directors

2nd AD | 2. RA • direct superiors – 1st AD, 1.RA, Production Managers or Unit Production Managers

3rd AD              • direct superiors- 1st AD, 2nd AD

AD PA               • direct superiors – 3rd AD, 2nd AD, 1st AD

It’s sufficient to list referees. However, please proceed on the assumption that we might contact and question your referees. Therefore referees should be chosen prudently. Only experienced and seasoned filmmakers can be accepted as referees.

ADU warrantors are colleagues, who are already ADU members. ADU members are familiar with our requirements and our quality standards, so that a bond of trust already exists. For this reason their willingness to act as warrantor carries a lot of weight.

A warrantor does not necessarily have to be “higher up in the hierarchy”. It is quite possible, for instance, for a 2nd AD, who is already a member, to act as warrantor for a 1st AD.

The exception being: PAs and Junior ADs cannot act as warrantors.

If you do not know any ADU members, you should name 2 referees instead.

Simply fill out the membership application, sign it and send it to us by post to our office address ADU e. V. Weserstraße 38b, 12047 Berlin or by Email with the header: “New Registration” to anmeldung@ad-union.org. Payments can be made by direct debit or by bank transfer. You will receive a membership number and the ADU bank details by Email as a confirmation of membership.

As the transition period has already passed, your access to the forum will be blocked. If you decide to apply for ADU membership at a later date, the forum access will be activated again.