ADU Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme is intended to support colleagues, who aim to step up to the next level (e.g from 2nd AD to 1st AD) or wish to check their expertise or expand it.

The mentoring programme encompasses two pillars:

Pillar 1

Within the framework of unpaid job shadowing, the mentee receives a unique opportunity of accompanying a member of the ADU (“mentor”) at work – on set and/or in the office. The mentee does not take on any tasks and thus does not replace any staff. S/he simply gets the chance to learn in a genuine work setting, to watch the mentor at work and to be taught by him/her.

This programme must take place in agreement and collaboration with the production companies, as this mentoring generates catering costs and the need to adherer strictly to confidentiality agreements. So far the feedback from the production companies, who have been approached with regards to the mentoring programme, has been very positive.

Pillar 2

Experienced ADU members can be on hand with help and advice for less experienced colleagues, so that they are able to benefit from the mentor’s expertise for a certain length of time and according to his/her capacities. They offer support for all work situations. Mentees are able to get advice on various production issues, ask questions and receive invaluable pointers. In general this mentorship is executed in the form of regular phone calls or via a continuous Email exchange over a set period of time.