3rd AD


Large-scale productions often distinguish between 3rd AD Floor | Base | Crowd.

The 3rd AD Floor is the right hand of the 1st AD on set.

The 3rd AD Base is the right hand of the 2nd AD.

And the 3rd AD Crowd is the right hand of the 2nd AD Crowd.


The 3rd AD Floor often has only a few days of prep, if at all. Normally the PAs answer to the 3rd AD Floor and take on various tasks under his/her guidance.

In the US the 3rd AD Floor is called the 2nd2ndAD. In Europe 2nd 2nd AD is another term for the 2nd AD Crowd.

The key tasks are the guarantee of processes running smoothly on set and assisting the 1st AD.

  • Ensuring that all departments are aware of the 1st AD’s instructions and commands, so that they can prepare and react in a timely fashion.
  • Supporting the 1st AD with regards to safety on set in collaboration with the Set Manager and the Locations Department.
  • Checking the cast trailers and/or green rooms in collaboration with the Set Manager
  • Communicating to the 2nd AD, when cast is required.
  • Organising the shuttle of actors between set and base or set and their accommodation respectively, in collaboration with the Transportation Department
  • Ensuring that actors are greeted upon arrival and wired later
  • Looking after the actors on set
  • Keeping the 2nd AD, 3rd AD Base and the Production Department updated
  • Directing the extras on set, according to the requirements
  • Checking that all necessary elements of the scene are ready for the shoot at the same time (e.g. animals, vehicles, stunt crew)
  • Managing the walkies (often this is delegated to a PA)
  • Timely announcements, when lock-ups are required. Coordinating roadblocks and pedestrian barriers with the Set Manager and the Location Department.


The 3rd AD Base usually has more preparation time than the 3rd AD Floor, as s/he is involved beforehand in the costume fittings and make-up rehearsals and the rehearsals with the actors. S/he must have a solid understanding of all processes at the base in order to work independently.

  • Supervising the cast costume fittings
  • Supervising all rehearsals
  • Setting up the office trailer (ordering office supplies etc.)

The key tasks during the shoot are the supervision of the processes and looking after the actors at the base.

  • Checking, if the cast’s trailers / green rooms are open and heated
  • Signposting the green rooms
  • Looking after the actors (greeting them in the mornings, taking their breakfast orders, handing out sides etc.)
  • Ensuring that projected costume and make-up times are adhered to. Retaining an overview over the costume and make-up changes and co-ordinating these efficiently
  • Compiling the AD reports
  • Alerting the Transport Captain in a timely manner, when actors have to be driven to the set
  • Taking lunch orders for the base
  • Communicating the pick-up times for the following shooting day to the cast on the eve of the previous day
  • Making copies of the call sheets
  • Making copies of the script pages (sides) for the following day
  • Ordering office supplies for the office trailer
  • Ordering office supplies for the office trailer
    Various other tasks, as delegated by the 1st AD and 2nd AD
  • For US Productions: Filling in the Exhibit Gs (for SAG productions). Know the SAG rules (NDBs, MPVs, etc.). Communicate MPV and turnaround issues ahead of time


What the 3rd AD Base does NOT do!

The tasks listed below are the responsibility of the Unit or Set Manager, the Locations Department or the Transport Captain.

  • Assign crew parking
  • Clean and maintain facilities and trailer
  • Responsibility for the power supply
  • Responsibility for the water supply
  • Signposting the Unit Base
  • Driver coordination


The 3rd AD Crowd is the right hand of the 2nd AD Crowd on set. In general the 3rd AD Crowd has little or no prep time, the exception being if s/he is assigned to support extras fittings.

Directing extras and ensuring smooth extras processes according to the specifications of the 2nd AD Crowd.

  • Keeping an eye on costume and make-up times
  • Communicating any delays to the 2nd AD Crowd
  • Collaborating with the Props Department on the hand-out of props
  • Coordinating and briefing the Crowd Marshalls
  • Ensuring that the extras receive drinks and snacks. Ensuring that the extras have seating during long set changes and do not have to wait in the sun or the rain.
  • Directing extras according to the instructions of the higher-ranking AD.
  • Directing picture vehicles in collaboration with the Picture Vehicles Coordinator and according to the instructions of the 1st AD and 3rd AD Floor
  • Compiling a list of the cost accrued daily, according to the extras pay vouchers and the cost report and forward the cost report to the 2nd AD Crowd


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