AD PA (short called PA) is the entry position to the AD Department. In general, there should always be at least two AD PAs and the distribution of tasks amongst the PAs should be discussed in advance. The PAs report to the 3rd AD, who instructs and coordinates them.

Whether PAs have any preparation time and – if they do – how long it is, is dependent on the scope of the projects and the needs of the AD Department.

The tasks are:

  • Ensuring that there are enough call sheets and sides in the set case (pack in advance) and that nothing is missing (pens, chewing gum etc.)
  • Repeating the 1st AD’s commands loudly for the background („Rolling“, „Cut“, „Checks“, „Rehearsal!“ etc.)
  • Team Lockups – ensuring that there is silence on set during the shoot and that no team members walk into frame accidentally
  • Depending on the distribution of tasks it is possible for the 3rd AD Floor to transfer some of his/her responsibilities to the PA, such as greeting actors on set, ensuring that there is silence on set, supervising the wiring of actors, once they are finished in costume and make-up etc.
  • Accompanying actors to the set or from the set back to the base
  • Keeping an eye on the actors, to ensure that there are no delays due to missing actors
  • Informing make-up and costume that shooting is about to commence
  • Ensuring that actors receive their lunch during the lunch break
  • Ensuring that the actor’s wishes with regards to food and drink are fulfilled. Looking after actors and extras.
  • Giving the actors their cues during a scene
  • Labelling the walkies in advance and compiling walkies lists. Ensuring that all departments have walkies during the shoot and full batteries at their disposal, that empty batteries are charged continuously and that the charge bases are working.
  • Further tasks can be delegated by higher – ranking ADs, as needed.



Larry Katz talks about his journey from AD PA to 2nd AD:


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